Get a Mavic Compatible Drone Without The Price Tag 

The problem with the market is that there seem to only be cheap crappy drones available or the top of the range DJI Mavic range.

But what if you did not want to spend thousands but wanted a good flying experience and the ability to take amazing photos.

Here at the Drone Buyers guide we have been sampling all of the drones on the market to provide you with the best quality and value for money drones on the market.

So I would like to introduce you to "The Beast" - a quality sturdy drone with some exceptional features, below you will find my honest assessment of the good and the bad, check it out.

BY JOHN DIONYSIOU - The Drone Buyers Guide, AUGUST 20, 2019 

Review Summary

Product Name:

The Beast - Brushless 4K with Camera 5G Wifi FPV Remote


$299 USD (free shipping)  $349 (express shipping)


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Take amazing photos

This drone has 2 cameras, a 4K front camera and a 1080p bottom camera.

The 4k camera is remote adjustable to help you get that right shot.

Bottom line for you is - great photos and videos without having to buy a Mavic drone.

GPS Positioning Return

Never lose your drone.  I have lost a drone in the ocean, but having the GPS facility will help you whenever you get into trouble, with this 1 button return your drone will return immediately.

Also when your battery runs too low, and you are having too much fun and not paying attention, this bad boy will immediately return home.

This means when flying in hard visibility, you have safeguard. Your drone insurance policy at the click of a button.

This means no stress worry free flying

Amazing Stability for Flight and Photos

The Beast gives you the ultimate in stable flying.  This stability helps you enjoy your flying in windy or difficult situations.  It will also help you to take clear quality pictures.   Look like a flying pro!

If you get in trouble, take you hands off the controllers and your drone will stabilize.

It will literally float where you leave it, which will enable you to gather your senses and continue flying.

ALSO, this Optical Flow Positioning helps you take amazing photos that are clear regardless of wind and other conditions.

Easy flying and easy photography

Foldable Compact Body

The Beast is sturdy, it weighs approx 500g so it flies well, BUT it is also compact and easy to carry with this foldable design.

2 minutes to setup, just pull out the legs, turn it on and it is ready to fly!

Take it anywhere EASILY

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Of course, there are many features

THE BEAST - quality affordable flying drone

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The Good Stuff:
  • Easy to fly
  • Stable flight for good photography
  • Good flight time
  • 1 key return
  • GPS
  • 2 good camera's
  • Good GPS follow
The Bad Stuff:
  • Follow me function is average
  • Surround flight path is average

best offer


Package Includes:

1 * CSJ-X7GPS RC Quadcopter
2 * 7.4V 2800mAh Li-po Battery
1 * Transmitter (mode 2)
1 * Spare Propeller set
1 * Screwdriver and Screws set
1 * USB Plug
1 * User Manual

  • Color: Pure Black
  • Motor: 1806 1700KV brushless motor
  • ESC: 30A
  • Front camera: 4K 120°Wide Angle
  • Down-looking camera: 720P
  • Built-in gyro: 6 Axis gyro
  • Remote control: 2.4GHz
  • Video Resolution: 2040 * 1080P
  • Photo Resolution: 4096 * 3072P
  • Remote control distance: about 500m
  • Transmission distance: about 400m
  • GPS follow distance: 30m
  • Image follow distance: 1-5m
  • Transmitter power: 4 * AA battery (not included)
  • Battery for quadcopter: 7.4V 2800mAh Li-po battery(150g)
  • Maximum flying time: About 25mins
  • Charging time: About 4h
  • Drone Weight: 527g
  • Drone Dimension: 174 * 84 * 70mm(folded), 283 * 253 * 70mm(unfolded)
  • US Dollar
  • AUD

BUY NOW £309 £229

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