Cut through the confusion when buying a drone - The Drone Buyers Guide

Cut through the confusion when buying a drone

In this video I am discussing how to cut through all of the confusion when it comes to buying a drone.

There are so many promises and so many specs to think about.  Sometimes we can get confused by all of these drone specifications and make a wrong decision.

When I setup The Drone Buyers Guide, I decided to never promote a drone I had not tested.  Well it has been an interesting 3 months testing drones.

The first step to help you is to list the things important to you.  For example, GPS and photography are important to me.  If the drone does not have a HD camera well I don't even look at it.

There are other things like flight time, stabilization, 2 or 3 axis gimbal, return to base, distance, and SD card capacity...the list is endless.

So when you are buying something that is not a Mavic Air or Pro, these features can make the difference.  

For example, The Beast drone that I am a fan of does not have a 3 axis gimbal, some sites promise this but it is not true.  However, I can adjust the camera vertically from the controller and the stabilization is fantastic. The nearest drone with a 3-axis gimbal is at least $120US more expensive.  So for me and my purposes I chose The Beast because I am looking for affordable options for my audience.

However for you if the 3 axis gimbal is essential, that will help you justify spending more money on that feature.

Flight distance is another thing, the Mavic Air will fly up to 4 kilometres, however for me 300 metres is the level of my flying ability.  You can take some really good photos at that range, but you may need more. 

So, finding the right drone for the right price means paying for the features that are most important to you even though you are not getting other features.

Make the list and start comparing.  If you have not subscribed to my list make sure you do so to get my latest drone reviews and tips.

John Dionysiou

About the Author

John Dionysiou

John loves photography and travel, and started developing a passion for drones - especially drone photography. But as he searched for the best drones, he found either there were cheap crappy drones or really expensive ones. So to help other people find a great value drone for a good price he setup The Drone Buyers Guide.